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Everything That You Need To Know About Google Penguin 4.0 Update

The wait is over the new Google Penguin 4.0 update is here.

What is penguin?

The first penguin update was first launched in the month of April and in the year 2012. Penguin was made to capture websites that are spamming the search results. Especially, those sites that are were using scheme links to manipulate the rankings in search results. Penguin eliminates inorganic links. Before these links were devalued and must be replaced so it can be recovered in the search rankings. It takes time to recover this link. That is why it is really good that there is a penguin update.

Penguin 4.0 is the newest and the last penguin update.

Below are the features of the Penguin 4.0:

All of the websites all over the world will experience the same impact of penguin 4.0, because they were released in all of the countries all over the world at the same time.

The latest penguin 4.0 is now real time. This means that every time google updates the rankings of every page changes and even its information. So any impact can easily and quickly be noticed even if it is positive or negative.

Since the new penguin 4.0 is now real time you can easily and quickly recover from the Google penalty. You will quickly see results, if you improve and remove the harmful links on your website and when google is done recrawling your website.

The new penguin 4.0 update is not a filter but is a part of the core algorithm of Google. This is actually the reason why there will be no more penguin update. You just need to closely monitor the backline profile of your website.

The new Penguin 4.0 is more granular. This just means that the algorithm is more focused on certain pages that has bad and toxic links instead of looking at the whole website. This is why you must regularly check the pages of your website.

Here are the things that you can do in order for you not to get penalized:

You need to closely check your position in SERPs. You need to have email alerts so you can always be informed in case your position changes. Do not only track the keywords that is used for your ranking, but other subdivision keywords.

You should make sure that your backlink profile is clean and healthy. It is important that you regularly check the old and new backlinks regularly. You need to audit the backlink of your website. Since the latest penguin update is more granular.

Source: http://julieannejones.com/seo-for-direct-sellers-making-it-work-for-your-business

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The Beauty of Massage

Massage is widely known for its relaxing way of treatment stiff muscles and conjoining non-severe situations of broken bones.

Experts in massage usually do it by putting a certain amount of pressure in a specific area of the body and then rubbed in different directions for multiple times to relax stiff muscles and regulate blood flow to the heart.

The following are few of the many benefits that an individual could get when having a massage.

Always remember that massage may be responsible for the releasing of unwanted toxins inside the body that may be the cause of the ailments or back pains.

With the right amount of pressure in a massage, a person could feel:

First, improved circulation of the blood inside the body.

Second, it relieves stressed muscles, especially those that are too stiff.

Third, the patient would also feel a reduced tension in the muscle.

Once a person tries out a massage, he or she can experience a more flexible type body which can handle almost any kind of work.

The best things about massage is that the patient can feel so relaxed while getting one. Getting a good massage on a regular basis can improve not just your physical well-being but your mental and emotional wellbeing as well. If you have back pains or anything similar, your best option is to get a good massage that could ease away all your pain.

A massage can regulate the blood flow within the body without increasing your blood density or heart rate. Massage is also known as a good stress reliever because it can cure both physical and mental illnesses.

The Benefits of Massage and Its Safety

It is certain that massage is guaranteed safe to any person all over the world regardless of gender, age, and race. However, your doctor may prescribe you specific drugs for the treatment of your ailment so it would be better to try that out first before restoring to massage.

Pregnant women are greatly discouraged to have a full body massage because it might affect the formation of the baby in the womb.

It would be better for you to ask your doctor first before getting any massage from a massage therapist.

What Are The Things That Happens In A Massage Therapy

During a standard massage, you will be asked to take off all your clothes and clothe yourself with a certain piece of towel. The massage therapist uncovers your body from the piece of cloth and rub it firmly before proceeding to the next area.

What massage therapists do is simply rub a small amount of scental oil in the affected area of the patients body. The entire duration of a full body massage is around an hour.

Source: http://www.womanofstyleandsubstance.com/mental-health-hacks-look-mind-well-body/

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Google Penguin 4.0 and Search Engine Rankings

The most recent algorithm of Google which is the Penguin 4.0 has recently been released. Google has placed Penguin in its core ranking algorithm. With Penguin, it becomes real time which means that Penguin data is updated or refreshed in real time, so that you can see changed shortly after the page affected has been indexed again.

Penguin has become granular which means that if there is possible spam in your site then its rankings will be affected; it no longer depends on the whole website. what this means is that Penguin can influence specific pages, sections or wide areas of a website.

Will this then affect SEO specialists and website owners?

There are other indications that your website has been penalized aside from losing traffic significantly. Here are some of these observations.

There are suggestions that if you look at keyword rankings, then it can indicate a penalty, aside from traffic drops.

Another indicator is a decrease in sales, conversions and click-through rate.

Some other sign that can indicate a penalty is if you get a warning in Google Search console, a drop in rankings, and a sudden decrease in conversions.

Google will not send you any notification regarding the impact of the algorithm. But, you can use the Google Search Console to get detailed reports about your webpage’s visibility in Google.

Another penalty indicator is if some of your internal pages start to rank higher than the pages that you have optimized, you should check whether or not your website has been penalized. It is bad when wrong pages rank in search results. You want to give the best search results to your targeted audience to convince them to visit your site. If they end up in the wrong page rather than the optimized one they will not stay and leave it unsatisfied quickly.

Another indicator that your site has been penalized is if your website does not appear on the top Google SERP even if you used your own brand terms.

If you find your website under penalty you need to develop a recovery plan.

The aim of the Google update is so that the user’s search experience is improved. The use of black hat SEO techniques should now be avoided by SEO specialists and website owners.

Here are some benefits of Penguin 4.0 to SEO.

Ranking and traffic issues can be restored by SEO specialists faster.

While before it data was periodically refreshed, but with Penguin 4.0 data is refreshed in real time. Actions will be assessed in real time so if you remove links, then refreshing It will show that results of that action.

Penguin 4.0 update is believed to be a win-win game. IF SEO specialists and website owners use white hat SEO techniques then they will be rewarded accordingly. There will be more use of SERPs to find your inquiry.

Source: http://www.meaningfulwomen.com/the-things-all-small-businesses-need-to-know-about-seo/

Updates Tips for The Average Joe

Important Things That People Must Know About The New Penguin Update On Search Engines

Penguin is a programming term for a search engine algorithm update, the update usually targets decreasing search engine rankings of websites which are not following the rules of search engines. Search engines would get to know the bad website when they are using black hat SEO methods, keyword wadding, shrouding, using link schemes and also other kinds of methods that are banned by search engines. There are different penguin updates after that and this kind of update was made to affect less than a number of percentage of English searches, this was a great update that deals with websites which uses very bad techniques.

Authentic and also legal companies have no reason to panic at the various penguin update and this is from web designers and also search engine optimization experts that knows how a good website looks. A number of these penguin updates are usually designed for the next generation website and the update usually targets at various corrupt companies and also untrusted links that can be seen on the internet.

There are also other software which are intended to block plagiarists, spam bots and also content farming in order for them to find the right website which are not using legal methods. There are various internet professionals which usually consider the update to affect a number of internet based stores and companies but only if they get to use illegal advertising methods. Most dealers, traders and also online merchants that offer truly inadequate, low value knowledge on how search engine would get to operate can be in danger of losing their search engine rankings.

But dependable companies that count on organic development and also progress would not get to be affected with the penguin update of these search engine websites and gets to lose their overall rankings. The calculation of penguin of user knowledge can get to probably rely on recognized performance metrics of the website like significance, uniqueness and also truly characteristic selling offer to their different clients.

But for the internet websites which are using very questionable marketing practices can get to feel that the update can get to hurt their business and also get to lose their top rankings in most search engine websites. A number of SEO companies and also web designers needs to get to work with their clients to improve various tactics in developing websites that can get to yield various results and make it rank high without having to use bad techniques. It is important for companies to use advanced methods on how they can rank their websites high and get to make sure that they are using new methods.

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Information About The Google Penguin Update

Because of the update, Penguin can now run on real time. All countries and languages were able to get the Penguin update at the same time. This allowed websites to experience the same things regardless of their location. The rules will be universal.

Because Penguin is already real time, this means that page rankings could differ every time there are updates on the page and other linked pages. There is a clearer and faster impact, positive or negative, that results from your actions.

You will be able to get through a penalty faster since the system is done in real time. If your website gets a penalty and your webmaster can take out the harmful links, you can notice positive effects a lot quicker. Positive results will be clear after your site will get checked.

Penguin is now already an integral core of the process, unlike before. Constantly checking on your backlink profile is essential.

Instead of the whole website, there is now an exact emphasis on the pages that toxic links are referring to, and not on the whole website. These are like micro penalties and are more difficult to monitor. It is vital to perform an audit on important subdomains and website pages often.

By taking a look at your organic traffic and keywords position, you can determine if your site has already been penalized.

You will be able to observe the effects of your actions quickly, which can be like a double-edged sword. There is a faster recovery process, but also the penalization process. There are some things you can take into consideration in order to protect your site from dropping down the ranks unexpectedly.

Regularly observe your position in the search engine results page. In order to stay informed of position changes, you can set up email alerts. You would need to track other keywords for vital subdivisions and not just for the homepage keywords. You can try comparing keyword rankings and also looking at which keywords have dropped their position.

Make sure that your backlink profile is healthy and clean. It is good to do a regular checkup of new and lost backlinks, their quality and value, and also taking care of the suspicious ones.

Do a deep backlink audit for your whole website. Audit backlinks should be performed on the important subdomains and website parts. Depending on the language version of your site, you can conduct separate audits for each one of them. The Penguin update is beneficial since it allows you to perform experiments but still maintain a reduced cost of error.

Source: http://www.meaningfulwomen.com/the-things-all-small-businesses-need-to-know-about-seo/

A Brief Rundown of Updates

Guide to Google Penguin 4 Update

With Google Penguin updates any website that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines will have their searching engine rankings lowered. Sometimes websites use manipulative techniques in order to achieve high rankings in search engine results, and these guidelines will seek to penalize such websites. Here they are striving to place content as the key, and if your website has great content then it will be recognized over those with little or content with spam. In other words, doorway pages or web pages that are created only to send its visitors to a different page by repeating unrelated phrases to manipulate the relevance or prominence of resources are penalized.

The release of Penguin 4 happened at the same time for all countries and languages around the world. This means that, independent of location, all websites will consistently experience the same impact. Penguin 4 guidelines are the same but then they are now applied real-time. This implies that any page’s ranking may change each time google updates the information about this page and about pages linking to it. You will notice the positive and negative impacts of your actions faster. After being penalized that your webmaster does a great job in its improvement and the removal of harmful links, this real-time algorithm will help you recover from the penalty faster.

And, unlike the previous updates, this version has made Google algorithm become part of its core algorithm and is no longer a separate filter.

With this present algorithms the focus is not on toxic links on specific pages and the website as a whole.

SEO specialists will be affected by this new guidelines because it will be difficult for them to track micro-penalties so they have to audit all important subdomains and specific web pages on a regular basis.

There will also be no notification that will be given if your website is penalized. You can only assume that you were penalized by indirect signs, like a sharp drop in organic traffic or declined positions from some or all of your keywords, including the branded ones.

But on the other hand, because the updated algorithm allows you to see the results of your actions quickly, the recovery process becomes faster.

You position in the SERPs should be constantly monitored, in other words. If there are changes in your rankings, it will benefit you to keep informed by setting up regular email alerts.

You have to keep your backlink profile healthy and clean and conduct a deep backlink audit of your entire website because the new Penguin takes a granular approach already. All important subdomains and subdivsion of your website should not be audited for back links. This means that you need to conduct separate audits for each of the different language version of your website.

Source: http://www.womanpulse.com/boosting-blog-ranking/

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A Guide to the Google Penguin Update

It was way back in April 2012 when Google first unveiled Penguin with efforts of catching websites that are deemed to spam its search results. This is in particular to those that buy links or get them via link networks that are mainly designed to boost rankings in Google. But several years had pass and various updates were done to Penguin and now comes the latest update which is Penguin 4.0, announced on September 23. Many SEO experts believe that this update will be a boon for SEO companies that are doing legitimate SEO strategies.

And there are a number of reasons to why the new Penguin update makes many so excited like the following:

Number 1. Algorithm devalues links instead of punishing websites – with this new Penguin version, it is devaluing spam links instead of penalizing the entire website. When Penguin was first launched, it’s punitive in nature. Meaning, if your page was affected, then the entire site will be demoted in search without getting clear instruction or explanation to how it can be recovered.

Due to the harshness of Penguin coupled with misinformation that surrounds the algorithm at the same time, it creates contentious relationships and negative environment between Google and various business owners. But with new Penguin 4.0 and its demotion versus devalue approach, it is a big upgrade and aim to improve relationship between website owners and Google.

Number 2. Penguin is baked to core algorithm of Google – because of this, it has become possible for Google to deliver real-time update. As a result, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time and therefore, it makes changes become visible and a lot faster that typically take effect shortly after a page is re-index and re-crawl. With the update to Penguin, Google are in the better position of assessing links quickly. Meaning, there’s no waiting time for Penguin updates or refreshes just to recover.

Number 3. Penguin 4.0 brings SEO closer to real marketing – it provided immediate rewards for legitimate practices as spam is devalued a lot more efficiently, thanks to the improvements made to Penguin update. Through this shift, it has pushed SEO industry away from manipulation and towards real strategies. Needless to say, many of the respected and successful SEOs are involved already in real marketing. On the other hand, some of the shady companies and individuals claim that they’re SEOs while what they truly do is just provide spammy services.

New Penguin update is another challenge for unscrupulous agencies as websites that are propped to be spam would be devalued, which will provide greater gains for those who are securing links legitimately.

Source: http://www.jovanhannakristina.com/6-reasons-no-one-reads-blog/

What Almost No One Knows About Hotels

Important Ways to Choosing your Hotel Accommodation There are actually a lot of people who ask how they are able to get most out of their stay in a hotel when they are going out for a business trip or for a personal trip. All people desires to find a hotel where they can balance between budget and overall quality of their stay to it. If you are ever searching for different kinds of hotel offers, the focus must start on the overall experience to which you wish to achieve. The budget will then need to come a little later. But, if you choose different accommodations, it is important to bear in mind that you will not be able to acquire what you really pay for and you cannot expect the luxury when you are pushing your budget down.
Doing Accommodation The Right Way

The Beginner’s Guide to Accommodation
There are so many people that tends to ask why it is essential to look at the overall experience first prior to the price. It is actually possible to get lower deals with single hotels, but there are cases sometimes where you might overspend because of the hidden charges. A good example with this would be on the base price where you may possibly pay lower, but the rate will not include the internet connection, parking, breakfast and the other meals. In other cases, you may be paying the lower amounts when it comes to accommodation, but the fuel expenses you have may increase due to reasons on the location of the hotel. Another good option for you to be able to get the best deals on the accommodation is to check the website of the hotel you are considering. This in fact is going to help you find the best rates. Through checking on the website of the hotel, you will be able to know what you will be able to get from your stay at the hotel. Customer reviews that were provided by their recent visitors will give you insight about their experience from the hotel. By checking their website first, you will be able to plan ahead. The final aid that could help you in getting the most of the hotel would be to talk with the staff. Hotel staff members are always ready in giving you their best service and help as much as possible. If you want to get the best experience in a hotel and be able to stay in a hassle-free way, you can do it through the premium options. The next thing that you would want to consider is on the price. By having to consider the tips that were being provided in the article above, you will definitely be able to end up with the best possible hotel experience. This will not only help to make your stay worth it, but will ensure that your investment will never go to waste.

A Quick Rundown of Beds

What are the Best Mattresses?

Alignment of the body during sleep is important and that is why we need to know how well our bodies are aligned during sleep. It might seem to be a ridiculous questions because any posture in which you feel comfortable will also allow you to sleep comfortably. To think that question ridiculous is to miss its point because what is important is not how you feel when you are sleeping but when you have an aligned body, your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joint, and ligaments can work as nature intended. When organs are in the right position they can function at peak efficiency, and this can be achieved only when the body is aligned during sleep. So if you are comfortable in a certain sleeping position in which your body is not aligned, it will prevent your body from realigning itself and this can cause various health issues in the long run.

One might ask further, why do we get comfortable with an improper sleeping position with an improper sleeping posture in the first place? To answer that question, we have to bear in mind that our body is very adaptive, it automatically adjusts itself to counter any misalignment. In short, our bodies try to counter any prevailing misalignment by positioning itself in a good way if our bodies are not aligned properly. We can see this in person’s with only one limb who can still cleverly move around despite being maim.

You can know when your body was misaligned during the previous night’s sleep because you experience sleepiness during the day, headache, fatigue or lack of focus even after a night’s sleep.
What Do You Know About Mattresses

One cause of these issues is when your breathing at night is shallow and this is not due to anxiety of any sorts but primarily because you are sleeping in a misaligned body. Body alignment, breathing, and sleep quality are all dependent on each other.
The 10 Best Resources For Beds

Similar to this other type of shallow breathing to an anxious person that deprives the body of oxygen, structural imbalance in the body also affects oxygen intake. If the spine is not in its natural position, when the neck, middle back, and lower back are not in good alignment, oxygen is not able to enter the lungs properly so that there will be smooth bodily functioning which includes relaxation.

A spine neutral position or straight out posture is the best position for the spine. The mattress that you sleep on has a huge influence on your structural balance. If you have either a hard or too soft mattress, you breathing can be affected which you are asleep or you can develop unhealthy structural postures which will not give you a good sleep.

If you mattress can support the right parts of the body correctly then that is the appropriate mattress for you.

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Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Body

You do need sleep and it is imperative that you get a restful one. So that you can get that perfect rest, you should take into consideration what the body requires. So how do you find the mattress that is best for your body? The spring mattress is a common type of mattress that you will be able to find. You have to know that the bed is great for any individual who requires the body to be supported. When you are the kind of person who struggles when it comes to getting out of be due to the indentations, then you can have the spring furniture that is best for your needs. Know that a firm spring feature is great for the mobility as you sleep.

You should know that the pillow mattresses come with extra layer of cushioning that is sewed into the mattress. Though the bed is firm, it is quite soft enough for you to enjoy your slumber without waking up with neck pain or back pain.

Know that memory foam mattresses are quite excellent for any individual who requires extra comfort without sinking quite far into the bed. The material that is used will help any person who is actually struggling with discomfort or pain.
Products: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Know that the latex mattresses are actually a form of foam with so many properties to the memory foam. You must know that latex is excellent to help you with back pain. You should know that the firmness is really hard enough to support a person but soft enough as well for you to feel such great comfort.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Furniture

The gel mattresses are the other division of the foam mattresses. With such kind of bed, there is more temperature control, one that you cannot get in the memory foam bed. It is really uncomfortable for you to sleep in when you are feeling back and muscular pain but it is quite worse when you get hot from moving around to find such comfortable position.

You must know that the plush mattresses are quite soft and also perfect for any person who finds soft surfaces very comfortable to sleep on. You must know that the plush may not be similar with the memory foam but such will take the shape of the body to an extent and will also permit you to straighten the spine as you sleep.

Know that the hybrid mattresses are two placed in one. The springs are actually combined with the memory foam to make sure that you have the right support and comfort. Know that the hybrid makes it a lot easier to move around in while you sleep and not get stuck in the memory foam. Along with the mattress, you should ensure that you sleep in the right position to avoid any issues which started from poor sleeping habits.